Automatic parking Mercedes-Benz Automated Valet Parking is almost ready

Automatic parking Mercedes-Benz Automated Valet Parking is almost ready

September 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, Mercedes introduced its own concept of automatic parking, and now the system is actively tested in China, and its work was shown on the official video.

For the first time about Mercedes-Benz Automated Valet Parking, we saw last year. The test stand was mounted at the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart. The concept of the idea is to completely exclude a person from the parking process. That is, special places will be created to disembark people, and the car itself will go to one of the available places to park. Also, the car returns independently for the owners.

The company’s goal is to maximally remove people from the need for self-parking. And, more importantly, “automated parking for jacks is an important milestone on the road to autonomous driving,” – says Hans Georg Engel, head of the Mercedes development center in China.

At the moment, the technology has been significantly improved, and is being tested by the automaker and its partner Bosch in the Mercedes research center in Beijing.

As mentioned above, the car will use specially equipped places for passengers’ disembarkation. Once the car is left in the appropriate place and recognized by the parking system, it is sent to its place. When people are ready to leave, the TS will immediately return for them.

For the operation of this system, the car will use information and instructions from the system of the parking itself, which will operate thousands of different sensors. In principle, these sensors will monitor the traffic corridor, and will tell the machine when to go or stop, which will help avoid collisions.

According to preliminary research, the introduction of such a system will allow placing 20% ​​more cars in one row. And the cases with an accident will be reduced to a minimum, and people do not have to think about how and where to park the car.

While the system is in testing mode and is a concept. It is too early to talk about any commercial prospects.

Also note that yesterday at the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen, Germany, the company representatives announced the launch of the production of the newest independent model AMG GT 4-Door Coupe.