Automakers provide information about car ownership to Chinese authorities

Automakers provide information about car ownership to Chinese authorities

December 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Associated Press reports that about 200 manufacturers are required to secretly transmit information about electric cars and their owners to the government of the PRC.

Automobile giants such as Tesla, Daimler, General Motors, Volkswagen and others already have to share with the Chinese government data on the owners and location of electric cars. Such is the law, and its execution is obligatory for the citizens of the Middle Kingdom.

Such measures, according to the government, are important for the safety of society, the development of infrastructure and the obstacle to frauds with subsidies.

All manufacturers agreed to the deal with the Communist Party, as they were promised subsidies. But its details, of course, were not disclosed. It is only known that companies send to the People’s Republic of China data on the location of the electric vehicle, the status of its batteries and the operation of the engine.

China seeks leadership in the field of technology development, and this is the reason why the authorities are taking such measures against companies and car owners. Moreover, the country has a system called “Watchful Eyes”, which controls the personal life of citizens. On how a person behaves, his so-called social rating depends.

In the meantime, Tesla decided to reduce the cost of its products in China.