Auto Union Type C, from rarity to Lego

Auto Union Type C, from rarity to Lego

October 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In 1936 Ferdinand Porsche created an extraordinary racing car, the Auto Union Type C: a truly rare car that could however be revived thanks to Lego

In 1936 Ferdinand Porsche created an extraordinary racing car, the Auto Union Tipo C, which in that year won the European championship with three victories for Bernd Rosemeyer (at the Nurburgring, Bremgarten and Monza). The Auto Union team, supported by the Nazi regime, had fielded a car with the engine placed in a central rear position. A daring and expensive solution, which however gave extraordinary results. The money obtained by Porsche after an interview with Adolf Hitler gave the definitive push to Auto Union to greatly increase the speed capabilities of the first models.

Porsche’s solution improved weight distribution on the two axles, cornering and traction of the rear wheels; the 45 ° V 16-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 6,006 cm³, developed 520 hp at a speed of 5,000 rpm. Remarkable, no doubt. After the World War, the Soviet occupation of the Zwickau plants led to the dismantling of racing cars (except in a couple of cases), which evidently were not considered important to deserve conservation work. Many were dismantled by Soviet Union engineers, while others had already been partially desecrated in search of spare parts by Auto Union engineers themselves, even before the conflict. The result is that today the old Auto Union Type C are essentially all lost.

To retry a recovery, albeit in the form of a game, is the user of Lego Ideas redera00. With the bricks he created a replica of the Type C, in its uphill racing configuration with twin rear wheels to limit skidding when exiting the hairpin bends. “I have always been fascinated by this automobile, which mixed an aerodynamic body with a powerful engine, like a wingless airplane,” wrote this brick artist in the description. The model, in 1: 8 scale, is 50 cm long and all body panels are removable to observe the technical components of the engine. On the Lego Ideas website, the model got nearly 9,000 supporters, a very high number that is close to an important milestone.

In fact, if by mid-January 2021 the Lego-format Auto Union exceeds 10 thousand supporters, the Danish company will take over the idea, complete with photos and step-by-step instructions, and will put everything back in the hands of the ‘creators’ more experienced. Once the basic design is approved, Lego could give the ultimate prize by bringing the creation onto the store shelves as a real set. Of Typ C true there is a specimen kept at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, and a further model C / D for the climbs (which is in Ingolstadt, Audi’s headquarters). So buying a collectible Auto Union, albeit one made of Lego, would not be bad at all.