Auto experts named the most unusual minivans in the world

Auto experts named the most unusual minivans in the world

October 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A minivan is a family car with a spacious interior and versatile design. However, some of the examples can be attributed to real works of art. Experts from the global automotive industry have listed the most unusual minivans that break the stereotypes about this type of transport.

One of the most unusual experts recognized the Mazda Washu minivan, known in its homeland as the RX-8. The model is equipped with five doors, allowing you to get not only into the salon, but also into the trunk. Washu is characterized by a rational use of interior space: the front doors open at an angle of almost 90 degrees, which makes it easier for passengers to get on and off. The trunk is capable of transporting bulky goods thanks to a two-section design: the upper part is glass and the lower one is metal.

Experts recognized the yellow Renault Escape F1 minivan, first presented in Paris in 1994, no less original. Thanks to the participation in the development of the car of the Williams Formula 1 team, the model received an 800-horsepower engine, which allows it to accelerate to a maximum speed of 312 km / h.

The Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle would now be called a cross-vein because it is an off-road version of a minivan designed specifically for the Ever-Better high-speed race in Death Valley in the United States. The model received huge wheels, additional suspensions and spotlights.

Sbarro Citroen Xsara Picasso Cup was recognized as a racing minivan. A 240-horsepower engine is responsible for its performance, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. A distinctive feature of the model is the doors opening like a “gull-wing”.

Rounding out the list of unique minivans is the Dodge Caravan, which combines a classic engine with a helicopter engine. This “symbiosis” allows the unit to produce 1000 horsepower, and while the car’s turbines are in motion, they spew a flame.