Australia’s main racing circuit recreated with Lego

Australia’s main racing circuit recreated with Lego

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Its creation took a month and 150,000 parts

Honda, together with Lego specialists, recreated in detail the famous Australian Mount Panorama race track with the help of a designer. The project, dubbed Mount Hondarama, spent more than 650 hours and 150,000 parts.

The detailed project includes the track itself, well-known Honda models from several generations, motorcycles, a car dealership, a service center, as well as Formula 1 and HondaJet cars. In addition, the designers recreated in detail the stands, fans, a pedestal and even medical staff, firefighters and a police officer. But the main design feature is the cars from the designer on the radio, with which you can arrange real races on the track.

The whole structure weighs 210 kilograms. Its length is 3300 millimeters, and its width is 1800 millimeters.

The construction of the toy track involved eight people who spent more than 650 hours and 150,000 designer parts on it. According to the creators, the main difficulty in the construction of the track was to create conditions for the dynamic movement of toy cars.

The main Australian circuit – Mount Panorama – has existed since 1938 and is a six-kilometer track. Its feature is a huge height difference, which is 174 meters. For the dizzying hikes and abrupt descents, the Australian highway was nicknamed “Blue Hell” (by analogy with the German “Green Hell” – Nurburgring).

Mount Panorama hosts Australia’s main race, 1000 km Bathurst, as well as the local V8 Supercars Championship. About thirty cars with eight cylinders and a minimum power of 625 horsepower compete in it.

In late May, automotive photographer Dominic Fraser, with the help of Lego, recreated racing episodes featuring Porsche models. For the detailed creation of historical scenes, he used original archival photographs.