Australian startup prepares hydrogen car

Australian startup prepares hydrogen car

June 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The first hydrogen car should appear in Australia in 2023.

The popularity of electric cars is growing rapidly, although the industry is still heavily dependent on fuel power units. But do not forget about another source of clean energy: hydrogen. Many car manufacturers still do not attach much importance to this substance as a way to bring the car into motion, BMW plans to build more cars with a hydrogen engine, and Toyota Mirai already uses this type of fuel as its main source of power.

H2X Australia startup is a relative newcomer to hydrogen and electrical technology, but with a team led by Brendan Norman, a person with experience working as a top manager for BMW and Volkswagen in Australia and Asia, the company’s future looks bright. The campaign officially launched today is aimed at developing a line of passenger cars so that, ultimately, by 2024, they will switch to the tractor and bus industries. Among the cars that will be on the conveyor is the Snowy SUV, which, according to H2X, will go on sale in Australia in 2023.

The H2X line will be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that combines a battery and ultra-modern capacitor technology with a focus on hydrogen. These vehicles will be able to switch between power supplies if necessary. CEO Brendan Norman says his campaign “aims to achieve market-leading volumes by 2025.”

The first H2X vehicles to be produced on the production line will be based on an imported chassis and will rely on existing power plants already in use in Asia. Assembly will be carried out in Australia with the goal of 80 percent localization by 2025.

“Our vehicles have a unique character, and we use strong Australian resources, educational and innovative opportunities to come up with products that are designed to excel in extreme conditions and, like many Australian things, they will win the hearts and minds of many people around the world. ”, Said Chris Reitz, chief designer of the new brand.