Australian Senator offers to buy Holden for $ 1

Australian Senator offers to buy Holden for $ 1

May 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Queensland Senator is not happy with General Motors’ decision to end the Holden brand and offers to buy the Holden brand name for $ 1 to save him.

Australian politician James McGrath made a statement to Parliament accusing General Motors of using a pandemic as an excuse to close Holden, a brand with a very long and successful history in Australia. The allegations target GM CEO Mary Barra.

“GM is trying to hide under the Covid-19 and let Australian companies fail after a one-day stand that lasted 89 years. Although General Motors may consider the brand’s history to be worthless, I think it’s priceless. I suggest sending Mrs. Barre a dollar in the mail if she gives the rights to the brand in return. Then we will return it to Holden dealers, ”said McGrath.

The American auto giant denies the allegations and claims to make honest offers of the highest possible compensation to parties affected by Holden’s disappearance from the Australian and global markets, scheduled for later this year, after the brand had to stop production in Australia. Since then, a collection of GM’s American and European products, including Opel, has been sold in Australia and New Zealand under the brand name Holden. With the disappearance of the brand, GM will cease all activities in this side of the world.