Australian police catch drivers with phones using cameras

Australian police catch drivers with phones using cameras

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Special cameras will identify violators in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Local authorities recently conducted a six-month experiment with cameras that scanned over 8.5 million vehicles and arrested more than 100,000 drivers who use their phones while driving.

New South Wales Minister Andrew Constance confirmed that by December, the government will introduce 45 cellphone detection cameras across the state. Each unit contains two cameras: the first photographs the license plate of the vehicle, and the second camera looks through the windshield of the car and determines what the driver does with his own hands.

Artificial intelligence is used to exclude drivers who do not use their phones. If the camera captures that the driver is using his hands for something other than steering, a photograph is taken and then checked by a specialist. The fine for using a mobile phone while driving is 344 Australian dollars (232 US dollars).

“There is no doubt that, as far as I know, drunk driving is on a par with using a mobile phone, and therefore we want everyone to know that you will be arrested by taking up the phone anytime, anywhere” “said Constance. Nine news.

Not only will cameras be in fixed locations throughout the state, but they can also be mounted on police vehicles to catch even more distracted drivers on the go.