Australian police are now on Tesla electric cars

Australian police are now on Tesla electric cars

June 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to reliable data provided by Xinhua News Agency, Australian law enforcement officers were among the first to add Tesla electric vehicles to their fleet.

The first computerized electric car has already begun patrolling in the Australian state of Victoria earlier this month. As reported by Xinhua, the Australian law enforcement officers are among the first to show similar concern for the environment and the environment, and at the same time contributed to the development of technological progress.

Working on electric, Tesla Model X cars will be used for patrols as part of a special program that involves a complete transition from gasoline and diesel cars to modern electric cars.

The assistant to the commissioner of the traffic police named Stephen Liana expressed confidence that this car will become the forerunner of the future of such a special automotive technology not only in a separate state (Victoria), but throughout the world.

In addition, Stephen Liane added that local law enforcement agencies had been working closely for years with American engineers from Tesla, who, before taking the car into service, were actively involved in integrating software into the on-board auto system, which is responsible for finding and detecting criminals. .

Summing up his speech, Mr. Liane noted that caring for the environment is one of the primary tasks, because patrol cars have a huge mileage due to the nature of their activities, while electric cars can reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.