Australian Grand Prix: Pole Hamilton

Australian Grand Prix: Pole Hamilton

March 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first qualification of the season is the best reason for fans to get up early on Saturday. For several months, everyone discussed the possible alignment of forces and analyzed the rumors, and the qualification in Melbourne made it possible to find out who is who at the beginning of the new season in just 60 minutes.

On the winter tests in 2019 all talked about the dominance of Ferrari and a few tenths of the advantages over the Mercedes, but in training in Albert Park was led by Lewis Hamilton. On Saturday morning, the British beat Sebastian Vettel by two-tenths – the rest lost more.

However, the qualification in Albert Park has no fundamental effect on the result. The last five years, pole position in Melbourne has won Hamilton, winning only one of these races. Over the past ten years, the holder of the pole has won on the Australian highway only three times.

Under this year’s standard labeling for Hard, Medium and Soft tires, this time, medium hardness compositions C2, C3 and C4 were used. The toughest tires were barely used during the weekend.

On the cars and helmets of racers inscriptions appeared in memory of the FIA ​​race director Charlie Whiting, who died suddenly in Melbourne on Thursday night.

In the first session, Ferrari riders went to Medium, the rest – to Soft. Vettel managed to save a set of softer tires, and Leclaire on the second attempt went to Soft.

In the Haas F1 insecurely released Magnussen from the boxes in front of Perez’s car – after the session the stewards investigate the circumstances of this incident.

Robert Kubica hooked the barrier and flew off the track with a damaged wheel, but returned to the pits on his own.

The best time was shown by Ferrari newcomer Charles Leclaire – 1: 22.017, three hundredths ahead of Hamilton. In the second fit the results of 16 riders – and the struggle continued until the last seconds. In the second session, Kubica, Russell, Sainz, Extinguished, and Stroll failed.

In the second session, everyone left for Soft. In the first attempt, Botas headed the protocol – 1: 21.241, but traffic prevented his main rivals.

In the second attempt, everyone left, except Leclair, who occupied the third line. Hulkenberg left, but problems arose, and he returned to the pits.

Hamilton has added, having passed a circle faster than last year’s pole position – 1: 21.014 – and headed the protocol. Vettel interrupted the attempt, taking off from the road after the error – the car did not suffer. From further struggle dropped out: Quat, Giovinazzi, Elbon, Riccardo and Hulkenberg.

In the final, everyone went to Soft. In the first attempt, Bottas showed the best time – 1: 20.598, beating his rivals for half a second. Hamilton made a mistake on a fast lap, and the rest were not so fast.

In the second attempt, Hamilton added – 1: 20.496 – and won the pole position, by 0.112 ahead of his partner.

Lewis Hamilton for the sixth time in a row won the qualification in Melbourne, winning the 84th pole in his career. Mercedes has the entire first row of the starting field – for the 60th time in the history of the team, its drivers showed the first and second time.

From the second row start Vettel and Verstappen, with the third Leclaire and Grosjean. On the fourth – Magnussen and Norris, who became the best of the newcomers.

Qualification in Melbourne was the first in Formula 1 for George Russell at Williams, Alexander Elbon at Toro Rosso and Lando Norris at McLaren – and all three were ahead of their more experienced team mates.