Australia to build the largest energy storage system of 1.2 GW

Australia to build the largest energy storage system of 1.2 GW

February 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In the wake of the success of the giant clean energy storage facility built by Tesla in South Australia in 2017, Victoria announced last November that it intends to launch a 300 MW solar plant. And now, New South Wales has approved a new project that should eclipse both of the previous ones combined.

Electricity storage systems are used not only to store surplus energy from renewable sources – mainly solar or wind. They are great for balancing unexpected peak loads. They are beneficial for providers and consumers, writes New Atlas.

CEP Energy has announced the construction of a 1.2 GW solar energy storage facility in the Australian town of Kurri Kurri, New South Wales. It will be an order of magnitude larger than the original 100-megawatt system built in record time in South Australia by Tesla.

The CEP station will be commissioned in phases starting in 2023. No battery supplier has been selected yet.

In this case, the project also has political implications: the chairman of the board of directors of CEP Energy is former Australian Prime Minister Morris Yemma, a representative of the Labor Party, which promotes clean energy as opposed to the current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who advocates for fossil fuels.

Another major milestone in the development of renewable energy has recently been reached by the Australians. Solar panels installed by energy company AEMO as part of the experiment fully covered the electricity needs of South Australia. Most of the electricity – 77% – came from home stations, and the remaining 23% came from large solar farms.