Australia introduced a motorcycle with a V8 engine

Australia introduced a motorcycle with a V8 engine

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The bike is already mass-produced, but is currently only available on the domestic market in Australia.

Motor engineers rarely install V8 engines in motorcycles; if this is done, these huge and heavy engines are usually put on cruisers. On these bikes, the weight does not matter, and their main purpose is to ride on the highway.

Paul Maloney is an Australian designer who has decided to challenge stereotypes in terms of building motorcycles. He decided to change this tradition with his new PGMV8 bike.

The heart of the motorcycle is an installed 1996 cc engine, which was assembled from two 4-cylinder engines from Yamaha YZF-R1. This two-wheeled monster is capable of delivering 334 horsepower, as well as 214 rpm of torque.

The motorcycle is created from a chromium-molybdenum frame like a birdcage with an aluminum pendulum. Thanks to the use of composite materials, the bike manufacturer was able to achieve a very small mass, which gave a great advantage in power compared to motorcycles of the same mass – 241.7 kg. The power / mass ratio is much greater than one. For a better understanding, here is an example: a turbocharged Kawasaki H2 with a mass of 237.6 kg has a return of only 228 horsepower, which is very small compared to an Australian bike.

Instances of this model are also equipped with an exhaust made of titanium, well-adjustable suspension, excellent brakes from Brembo and forged wheels Marchesini.

The PGMV8 is currently sold on the Australian home market for Australian $ 180,000 per copy.