Austin plans to shift asphalt

Austin plans to shift asphalt

November 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

During a race weekend in Austin, many riders complained about the cobbled surface of the Texas circuit – in some places the asphalt sank so that waves formed.

Before Saturday’s races, the organizers using road equipment smoothed the asphalt pavement in the 1st and 9th corners, which, although it improved the situation, but not dramatically. In addition, it was not possible to use this technology in other corners, since there the asphalt was smoothed already in previous years, and its layer was too thin.

Realizing that problems must be solved, after the race, the organizers announced plans to shift the asphalt to the most problematic sections of the route. Work will begin in January, 2.2 km of asphalt, or 40% of the total lap length, will be shifted. There is not so much time for reconstruction, since in April the MotoGP stage will be held on the COTA highway.

The organizers hope that the transfer of asphalt will solve most of the problems with bumps, and next year there will be no complaints from riders at the US Grand Prix.