Auditography team showed “charged” RS6-R and RS7-R from ABT studio

Auditography team showed “charged” RS6-R and RS7-R from ABT studio

April 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A team of professional photographers published a video, in which the RS6 station wagon and RS7 sportback upgraded by tuners from ABT are shown.

  If car companies do not agree to limit power, as Japanese automakers did between 1989 and 2004, when all their cars were limited to 276 horsepower, the “war” of horsepower would probably never end. Car tuning will always be relevant when it comes to the insatiable thirst for power that some buyers experience, although modern cars have significantly higher performance than their predecessors, people still want more.

Take, for example, the very first RS6 Avant, introduced almost two decades ago, its power was “only” 444 hp, the modern version of the same car, this figure is 591 hp In addition, the well-known tuner ABT raised these figures to 730 hp. A total of 125 copies of the crazy station wagon will be released.

 Photographers from the Auditography team published photos and videos showing the powerful RS6-R and RS7-R.

 Both cars have 22-inch wheels and are equipped with two twin tailpipes. Both bodies are coated with Daytona Gray Pearl Effect paint, as well as a special protective film. The RS7 is perhaps more impressive due to the contrasting red accents.

  The RS6-R took just 3.27 seconds to reach the first “hundred”. ABT says its accelerated station wagon can accelerate to almost 321.8 km / h, and that’s more than you’ll ever need in a car with rear seats and a massive cargo compartment. The RS7-R has roughly the same performance metrics.