Audi’s new lighting technology may alert other drivers

Audi’s new lighting technology may alert other drivers

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Audi was one of the pioneers in the field of LED and laser technologies, and the company is not slowing down – the other day it announced plans to introduce the new Digital OLED technology at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting.

Digital OLED technology, created as part of the evolution of OLED optics, which was first introduced at TT RS in 2016, allows you to create custom lighting solutions. This was made possible thanks to the “separation of OLED light sources into a much larger number of segments under individual voltage.” In comparison, Audi’s modern OLED lamps consist of only four different segments.

New light sources can consist of more than 50 segments, which can be activated as needed and adjusted for brightness. As a result, Audi claims that designers can “produce a wide variety of lighting solutions using the same equipment.”

Audi did not talk too much about its lighting plans, but noted that Digital OLED technology enables them to show messages to other cars through the rear optics. For example, the company said it could use symbols to alert other drivers of impending dangers such as black ice or congestion.

This information can be sent to the car using Car-to-X technology, and then transmitted to other road users through the taillights. An interesting idea, and Audi demonstrated several possible warning symbols, including angular and horizontal lines, as well as a warning sign in the shape of a triangle.

In addition to being able to communicate with other road users, Audi claims that digital OLED optics are effective and its lighting element is only one millimeter thick. Overall, the company claims to have developed “the ideal technology to create a highly accurate and versatile form of customizable lighting design.”

Audi will reveal more information about the headlights on September 23 and, possibly, they will be used on the Audi e-Tron Q4 electric car, as earlier Mark Lichte from Audi said that the model will offer customers more than 20 optical options.