Audi TT will turn into an electric crossover

Audi TT will turn into an electric crossover

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Since 2014, in the conference room of the German company, disputes about how the TT should develop have not ceased. Audi executives finally settled on the suggestion that the next generation TT would transform into an all-electric crossover. Audi’s plans for speedy brand electrification and declining sales of the current TT forced the company to radically rethink the next model.

The forthcoming fourth-generation TT has the working name eTTron, which clearly indicates Audi’s strategy to include the future model in a line of 20 electric vehicles. Judging by the images, the model will turn into a sports crossover with a length of about 4.35 meters. This will make it more compact than the Q3, but more importantly, it will be much lower.

In addition, the current TT has set new standards with a digital interior display and the absence of a center console. Audi intends to support the trend in the next model, which will do away with switches and dials and rely on Tesla-style digital displays to drive the car.

What allowed Audi to take such a radical approach to the next TT was the presence of a wide range of specialized platforms for electric vehicles that were developed for use in all brands of the VW Group. Audi intends to maintain the price range of the current TT model for the future crossover, so the company decided to found the eTTron on the entry-level MEB architecture of the group that VW iD.3 uses. ETTron is expected to have a higher price, which will be close to £ 45,000, but the MEB architecture will provide Audi with the opportunity to develop a TT successor without having to radically change its market position.

The flexibility of the MEB platform will enable Audi to develop several versions with varying degrees of performance. Standard entry-level versions of the eTTron will receive rear-wheel drive, driven by a single electric motor up to 200 hp. At the other end of the range will be a model comparable to today’s TT RS, driven by electric motors mounted on each axis for four-wheel drive, with a total capacity of over 400 hp. Batteries of three sizes, 45 kW, 58 kW and 78 kW, must provide a range of 320 to 550 km.