Audi to produce electric motors for PPE platform in Hungary

Audi to produce electric motors for PPE platform in Hungary

February 11, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

With the launch of the new Audi e-tron GT, the only model on the J1 platform inherited from the Porsche Taycan, the company is focusing on the future PPE platform for premium electric vehicles co-developed with the sports brand. The Gyor plant, where the Audi TT is manufactured, takes over the production of electric motors for luxury electric cars.

With the Audi, the e-Tron GT is already shipped from the brand’s plant in Neckarsulm. Opening a new chapter in the production of electric vehicles, Audi is saying goodbye to adapted platforms and fully entering those dedicated to this technology. The new PPE has been developed for Premium EVs and all body types. This is the mechanical base on which Audi and Porsche have deployed their most advanced technologies, and on which they will develop models from the D segment.

In the case of Audi, both central factories in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, most suitable for luxury sedans and high-quality sports cars, have been adapted for the production of models from this base. The process of distributing suppliers and engines for this platform is starting in Hungary.

A new role has been given to the Audi plant in Gyёr, Hungary, with the production of the first model equipped with an electric motor for the PPE platform, the Audi Q5 e-tron. This is an all-electric variant of the third generation of the German SUV, which will appear in 2022. One of the most advanced factories with many years of experience, which produces the Audi TT in various versions, the A3 and RS 3 sedans, as well as the Q3 and Q3 Sportback crossovers and their sports versions.

The plant is now also producing exclusive electric motors for the e-tron that are supplied to Belgium, so they have experience in this field. The German brand is considering this competitive advantage in favor of large-scale production of electric motors for the PPE platform, offsetting the discontinuation of the Audi TT and TT Roadster.