Audi spoke about the pre-sales checks on the quality of the model R8

Audi spoke about the pre-sales checks on the quality of the model R8

October 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It is noteworthy that at the moment, the sports coupe Audi R8 is the only model of the brand that is being tested for quality in this way.

As part of a recent interview with a foreign edition of Autocar, official representatives of the German automotive brand told about how every copy of the Audi R8 is tested before being sold. Employees of the special department are instructed to drive on each new R8 on public roads for its full assessment – it is at this stage that any problems with this car are revealed.

And only after receiving an approving verdict, the sports coupe is sent to the owner.

Made at the company’s plant in Neckarsulm (Germany), a high-performance car is sent to a special test site 40 kilometers long. “The future owners of the Audi R8 should not worry that they can get a car with such defects as dents caused during the testing phase, since the most vulnerable parts of the R8 are covered with protective material,” – said a German brand spokesman. Interestingly, the car is being tested even when the road surface is wet – even in rain or snow, engineers do not interfere with their work.

It was separately noted that the Audi R8 is the only model from Audi, each copy of which is subjected to a similar test.