Audi showed an incredibly detailed toy RS7

Audi showed an incredibly detailed toy RS7

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The large-scale model of the Audi RS7 even has interior lighting.

Today’s models of cars, made to scale, can differ in incredible detail, in some cases imitating their real counterparts up to the firmware seats. Much more often there are models in which you can open the doors, hood and trunk, as well as turn the wheels with the help of a steering wheel.

    However, on the Modell Lichtsysteme YouTube channel, an incredibly detailed 2014 model year Audi RS7 appears with many lighting elements that match the real car. The level of detail is simply breathtaking.

It’s easy to see working headlights and turn signals on a car model, but this is only the beginning. The headlights have a cool blue hue, while the daytime running lights mimic the warm color temperature of a typical car lamp, which can be found in any auto parts store. There are working reversing lights, brake lights and even high beams.

Inside, detail rises to a new level. The instrument cluster is highlighted in the same way as the infotainment display, which apparently displays the real 2014 Audi MMI. Lighting in the footwell, lighting on the internal and external door handles, as well as external lighting throughout the interior. Even the center console and dashboard are equipped with switches, buttons and backlit dials.

There are other modifications not related to lighting, such as the addition of carbon fiber, custom stylish wheels, and changes to the brakes. Part of the external lighting devices is controlled by magnetic switches hidden in the car body. When the doors are opened, the illumination of the inner dome is triggered, and when the lifting mechanism is triggered, the boot lighting is turned on.