Audi showed a new teaser piece of new A1

Audi showed a new teaser piece of new A1

June 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Probably, the company Audi is preparing in the near future to declassify its smallest model, as evidenced by the teaser campaign that started a few days ago. Today was published the second image.

It shows a small part of the exterior of the car, you can even say that Audi showed us the A1 Sportback hatchback. Probably, we are talking about the version of S-Line, judging by the size and design of the wheel, as well as the red brake caliper.

Recall, the first teaser in the video format was shown part of the interior, or rather the central console, where a large screen of the infotainment system is installed. On the screen, a finger was made with the inscription Barcelona, ​​which can speak about the ability of the “multimedia” touch screen to recognize handwritten commands, and also point to the place of the premiere. For example, in July last year, the flagship Audi A8 of the new generation was introduced there.

With the change of generation, Audi A1 will also change its registration. The assembly of the hatchback will be transferred from Brussels, Belgium to the Spanish Martorell. Most likely, the manufacturer will give up the three-door version. But, probably, clients will be provided with wide possibilities of personalization: contrasting roof, inserts, finishing, contrasting spoilers and a variety of special versions.

As expected, with the transition to the MQB platform with the current PQ25, the hatch will become lighter, slightly oversized, due to which and more spacious, and more modern in terms of technical stuffing.

By the way, Audi A1 is very popular in the European market, and the output of the new generation is likely to revive the sale even more. So, last year the sales volume of A1 was 84,070 pieces, whereas in January-April 2018 26,870 machines were sold. For comparison, in Kia Picanto these figures were 62,161 and 25,366 pieces, while Peugeot 108 had 55,831 and 21,341 units, respectively.

Just recently, the German brand introduced a completely new coupe crossover Audi Q8, which took the place of the flagship.