Audi shared the details of the new Q3 Sportback crossover

Audi shared the details of the new Q3 Sportback crossover

May 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new coupe crossover of the German brand Audi, as they say, has appeared on the horizon. Previously it was assumed that this model will be called Q4. The official presentation of the new items will be

According to Motor Authority, Audi brand management does not plan to start selling its new model in some car markets – it is known that the USA will not receive this car.

Audi Q3 Sportback is the first crossover of the German automaker, which received the designation Sportback. This became known during the 130th annual general meeting of Audi. As part of this event, it was also said about the appearance of more powerful versions of serial crossovers, a more expensive and luxurious performance of the A8 sedan, the “demise” of the TT model and the uncertain future of the R8 supercar.

The Sportback designation, which is usually used for Audi’s hatchbacks, will be used for the entire Audi model range – from “A” to “Q”.

In addition, it was confirmed that the new Q3 Sportback will be shown at a separate event, in contrast to the traditional show at one of the car dealerships. Of course, the novelty will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall of this year.

 Q3 Sportback is, in fact, a cooler version of the regular Q3 crossover, which means that it will inherit almost all the components and assemblies of this car.