Audi RS6 Avant receives MTM performance package

Audi RS6 Avant receives MTM performance package

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Station wagons may not be the benchmark for everyone, but it’s hard to say no to the Audi RS6 Avant ballistic missile with supercar performance levels and ample space for the family and its luggage.

The model will attract attention without any outside interference, since the 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8, used in the latest generation, already develops enough 592 hp. and 800 Nm of torque. MTM, however, thinks differently, so they launched a performance upgrade that frees up a whopping 712 bhp. and 950 Nm of torque.

It is not yet possible to answer the question “how fast”, since MTM did not say anything about performance, but this should improve the performance of the serial RS6, which accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds and reaches a speed of 305 km / h.

However, you can talk about other figures, such as the cost of such a “beast”: 9,998.99 euros for the conversion of a factory engine control unit and another 4,249.99 euros for M-Cantronic Generation II. The exhaust system adds 399 euros and comes with two electronic valves for improved sound and a remote control.

On the shelves of MTM for an additional cost, you can also find a height-adjustable set of spacers for the suspension of 20 or 30 mm. In addition, there is an opportunity to improve the appearance of the super-representative station wagon by adding exterior stickers or modernizing the interior, having also received several key fobs and other accessories.