Audi RS6 Avant 2021 accelerates like a supercar

Audi RS6 Avant 2021 accelerates like a supercar

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Super station wagon accelerates from zero to hundreds in 3.6 seconds.

Recently, Audi Sport has made great efforts to diversify its portfolio of SUVs, but this does not mean that its main models are ignored. The new RS6 Avant, which received a rich package, combines the versatility of a station wagon with the performance of a supercar and the sophistication of the brand. It also has a bunch of technological buns and a stunning style to create the perfect versatile Ingolstadt car.

Recently it became known that the new RS6 will be available in the United States market. The day before, motorists from Auditography shot an interesting video in Malibu, California, where a supercar disguised as a family wagon shows its capabilities when accelerating to 100 km / h with two people on board. According to Audi, it took 3.6 seconds to complete a task with an activated launch control system. However, there is other information that other equipment on board showed a better indicator – only 3.48 seconds, despite the fact that the car weighs 2,075 kg.

RS6 Avant also received a special exterior from brand chef-diner Andreas Joachim Coglin, who said that he borrowed only three body elements from a standard station wagon to create a model: front doors, roof and rear door. Everything else has been changed, including the front panel, adapted from the RS7 Sportback. These short oval tailpipes are the largest tips ever fitted to the RS model and provide an epic sound as the twin turbo V8 flexes its muscles.

However, having all this package, you get a high price. Audi has not yet announced how much it will cost in the United States, but the base price in Germany will be a staggering 117,500 euros, or more than twice that of the standard A6 Avant (50,000 euros). The fourth generation RS6 is also much more expensive than the S6 Avant TDI for 79,000 euros.