Audi RS Q8 without a gas particulate filter sounds very impressive

Audi RS Q8 without a gas particulate filter sounds very impressive

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This video shows how the exhaust system of a high-performance crossover Audi RS Q8 can sound, which does not have a gasoline particulate filter.

How can the same car have two different sounds from the exhaust system, depending on where it is sold? While some automakers offer additional exhaust systems for their cars that create a more aggressive exhaust sound, there is another possible explanation. As emission standards in Europe are becoming more stringent, automakers have no choice but to adapt their engines to them by installing particulate filters in them.

 The high-performance crossover Audi RS Q8 is one of the most striking examples of this, since the European version has significantly reduced noise compared to the version sold in the Middle East or North America.
The Auditography team was able to capture a copy of the flagship Audi Sport crossover on the streets of Doha in Qatar. Under the hood of this crossover is a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and yes, it does not have the notorious particulate filter.

It is worth noting that we have before us a version of the crossover, which has all the possible options, including ceramic brakes and a carbon fiber “package”. His body is painted in the shade of Orca Black Metallic, contrasting with red brake calipers.

 While Europeans cannot appreciate the louder sound of the crossover exhaust, you and I will now be able to hear the formidable of its powerful engine. Without a diesel particulate filter, there would probably not have been an RS Q8 on the Old Continent. A filter is needed to reduce the amount of CO2 entering the air.