Audi removes the car with the manual transmission from the US market

Audi removes the car with the manual transmission from the US market

August 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

American motorists practically do not buy cars with a manual transmission. This trend was noted by experts a few years ago, with time the situation only worsened. Judging by the latest ratings, in the US market auto with manual transmission in terms of sales barely win for themselves a few percent.

In the US, a mechanical transmission slowly but surely dies out. The Americans did not experience a special love for cars with manual transmission, but such a record fall in demand for manual transmission was not yet. Under the changed conditions dictated by the market, manufacturers who do not want to lose profit are forced to adjust themselves.

So, the popular car magazine in America “Car and Driver” recently reported that the German company Audi took a fateful for manual transmission solution. The brand will stop selling the Audi A4 sedan and the two-door version of the Audi A5 Coupe with manual transmission. In 2019, the US market model will be available only with an automatic gearbox.

The reason why the manufacturer wrote off the manual transmission A4 and A5 from the accounts is the low demand for such cars. In the US, only five percent of fans of the German brand opted for models with manual transmission.

Earlier, another brand from the Volkswagen Group also refused to supply cars to the US market on a manual transmission. It’s about Mercedes-Benz. But BMW, in turn, continues to offer the Americans manual transmission on a number of their models.