Audi refused to participate in the New York Auto Show

Audi refused to participate in the New York Auto Show

January 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Audi will bypass the New York auto show in April 2020 by joining German luxury brands BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Audi has confirmed that it will not participate in the 2020 motor show in a statement to Automotive News Tara Rush, communications director at Audi of America.

Rush said that “it’s important to analyze how we bring Audi experience to life and present our new products and innovations to the media and consumers.”

Rush emphasized that Audi “will continue to evaluate car dealerships on a case-by-case basis, moving forward to determine whether they are the best platform for the US and world premieres of future models.”

The New York Auto Show has traditionally attracted more than a million visitors annually at the Javits Convention Center and – along with Los Angeles – was considered one of the most prestigious shows for automakers that can be used to present new products. However, as at other car dealerships, high fixed costs and fierce domestic competition for marketing dollars force many automakers to redefine the value of the exhibitions.

Audi is in the process of costly transforming its lineup, as it is rapidly moving from diesel powertrains to battery-electric models like the e-tron crossover. Like other German companies, Audi has been financially pressured in recent years by emissions scandals in Europe that have damaged diesel car sales and the introduction of a new WLTP test standard.

Last year, Audi used the New York show to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the United States with an event at the Manhattan classic car club under Audi of America President Marc Del Rosso, who resigned on May 2. Since September 1, Audi of America has been led by Daniel Weissland.

The representative of the Greater New York Auto Dealership Association, which owns and runs the show, said she learned about Audi’s decision a month ago and worked with local Audi dealers to work out a plan to ensure Audi is present at the New York Showroom in 2020. However, the status of this alternative plan was unclear.

Mark Schinberg, president of NYADA, told Automotive News that Audi’s decision has displeased local Audi dealers who benefit most from their brand’s presence on the show.

“This is such an important market; New York [subway area] is the No. 1 market for Audi. This is what took us by surprise, ” – Schinberg said. “You are giving up a show that brings a million customers to your product.”

Audi’s decision to skip the 2020 New York show was made after three leading German luxury brands decided to abandon the Detroit auto show in 2019. This decision was one of the factors that affected the calendar change in Detroit this year from January to June. However, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz were on display at the Los Angeles show in November.

Also on Friday, Audi of America spokeswoman told Automotive News that the brand will not be participating in the Detroit show in 2020.