Audi R8 and TT could be electric cars

Audi R8 and TT could be electric cars

August 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Traditional sports cars are facing electrical rethinking as part of the company’s new strategy.

The new Audi chairman of the board, Markus Duesmann, has initiated a massive overhaul of the company’s future product strategy in an effort to keep costs as low as possible. Duesmann expanded on Audi’s transformation measures, which “are designed to provide even more efficient optimization of operations and greater savings.”

As a result, a number of Audi models with combustion engines may be at risk. As part of efforts to cut costs, Duesmann has questioned the future of many traditional Audi models, including the TT and R8 – both of which could be relaunched as electric vehicles, according to a source close to the Audi chairman.

“Cars like the TT and R8 have been seen in the past as part of the overall cost-cutting process. However, they have now become the focus of increased attention, ”the source said.

Audi’s combustion engine platform model strategy is also under consideration. While Audi relies on Volkswagen’s MQB architecture for its smaller models, the firm still bears the bulk of the cost of developing the MLB framework that is used on the A4, A6, A8, Q5, Q7 and Q8.

One move that could lead to an even closer working relationship between Audi and Volkswagen Group brand partner Porsche is a proposal calling for the MLB platform to be “more systematically paired” with the MSB platform that Porsche has developed.

In recent years, Audi and Porsche have undertaken a number of joint developments, including the V6 petrol engine used in both models. They also teamed up to develop the PPE (Porsche Premium Electric) platform. An electric version of the second generation Porsche Macan will be used first, followed by a battery-powered successor to the Q5.

Much of the savings achieved by Audi’s Transformation Plan to date have centered around a strategy to streamline software development activities within the Volkswagen Group.