Audi Q8 will be able to keep in touch with urban infrastructure

Audi Q8 will be able to keep in touch with urban infrastructure

January 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New technology will let you know about obstacles on the road.

Audi has a history of equipping its vehicles with the technologies necessary for interacting with the infrastructure. In 2016, he demonstrated the countdown function of a traffic light signal, which shows how much time you have before the signal turns green. He currently works with infrastructure in Las Vegas and Washington, DC. Now the automaker is moving to the next level: its system can warn drivers when they are about to run into construction.

In collaboration with the Virginia Department of Transportation and Qualcomm, the automaker is currently working on the next iteration of vehicle-to-infrastructure (C-V2X) communications using Q8. Audi reports that this is only a test program, and the Q8 with new technology will not be available to the public.

In fact, the roads will have a wireless network and will be able to send messages to cars that support the protocol. In turn, the Audi Q8 will send and receive information from the network and share it with the driver. This is possible thanks to Qualcomm’s latest vehicle chipset, which supports 5.9 GHz – commonly known as 5G.

In addition to the traffic light countdown function, starting in the third quarter of 2020, some Virginia roads will also alert drivers on the network as they approach construction zones. In this scenario, when the Audi Q8 approaches the working area, the driver will be notified of his approach to the object. This can be an additional level of safety for workers and will give drivers the opportunity to choose a different route before they see the orange cones.

In the end, the idea is to use the network for a number of purposes: to warn school bus drivers, to warn motorists about difficult road conditions, and to warn drivers that an emergency car is coming behind them and move aside.