Audi plans to release new hybrids and electric cars

Audi plans to release new hybrids and electric cars

January 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company plans not to yield to its competitors Mercedes and BMW.

As part of an interview given by Audi’s new sales director Hildegard Wortmann at the Consumer Electronics Show this year in Las Vegas, it was revealed that Audi was ready to launch new models, focusing on a young product line and a large-scale restructuring program, bringing profit brands should grow by 6.7 billion dollars.

“We want to attack again. Deep changes are needed, but I see a great readiness throughout the organization to make a difference, and that inspires me with optimism, ” – said Wortman, who joined Audi last year after working at BMW.

In the future, Audi also wants to increase profitability by about 10%, despite the fact that in 2019 these figures were 7% – 8.5%. Other plans also include stopping the production of the TT coupe and replacing it with a battery-powered electric successor, as well as launching an electrified version of the A8 flagship.

Audi wants to add about 10 hybrids and 20 battery electric vehicles to its lineup by 2025, which will allow the company to overtake its direct competitors Mercedes and BMW.