Audi plans massive job cuts in Germany

Audi plans massive job cuts in Germany

December 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Until 2025, the German automaker plans to fire one in seven employees to optimize costs.

Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group, has planned a massive reduction in its employees in Germany. So, the other day, Automotive New wrote that the brand is going to reduce up to 9.5 thousand jobs by 2025. All in all, in Germany, 61,000 people work for Audi. With this optimization, Audi plans to improve its financial situation. According to experts, massive reductions will give the gloom an opportunity to save about $ 6.6 billion. This money will be used to develop electric cars and today’s digital services.

Such measures in the company explain the reorientation of production to the production of environmentally friendly machines. However, experts name another, perhaps, the main reason: a serious crisis in the global automotive industry. The catalysts for this process were China, Japan, India and Germany.

It is known that Audi is going to cut workers at the expense of voluntary layoffs, as well as a new program for early retirement.

 For the remaining workers, the brand guarantees the safety of their jobs until the end of 2029. Along the way, the German automaker expects to create about 2 thousand new jobs in the field of electric mobility, etc.