Audi may for the first time refuse a four-ring logo

Audi may for the first time refuse a four-ring logo

October 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Two new sketches of the Ingolstadt company logo were submitted to the German patent office at once.

New logos have been published on the web, patented by Audi. So far there have been no official comments, but this will be the first case in a long year on the global renewal of the “four rings”.

Why two logos were registered at once is also not clear. The first shows all the same four rings, but now without intersecting lines, and the second is something average, and shows a double pair of rings.

According to automotive experts, the classic logo will remain in place, but the brand is preparing a new line of cars for which they will be intended. So, one of them can get the flagship electric cars, and the other will be used for luxury versions of standard models under the brand Horch.

Audi A8 Horch can become the first magnificent car, and models from Maybach will be the main competitor.