Audi lengthened the A6 sedan by 10 centimeters

Audi lengthened the A6 sedan by 10 centimeters

November 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Model length exceeded five meters

Audi unveiled a long-range version of the fourth-generation A6 sedan at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Increased by 100 millimeters, the distance between the axles has significantly improved the space in the rear seats.

Extended versions of business-class sedans are popular among Chinese buyers: both the BMW 5-series and the Mercedes E-Class are sold in China only in this form. The wheelbase of the new Audi A6 has grown exactly 100 millimeters to 3024 millimeters. The total length of the body now reaches 5038 millimeters.

In the Chinese market will be sold only cars with four-cylinder turbo engine of two liters in two versions with different levels of force: a capacity of 190 or 224 horsepower. Meanwhile, in the European market, these engines on the Audi A6 are not offered – at least for now.

In the future, will go on sale version of the turbo V6 3.0 and hybrid powerplant. But there will be no diesel engines, unlike in Europe, neither a three-liter V6 nor a two-liter four.

Despite its age, the third-generation Audi A6L is still in demand in China. Among similar models of the German BMW, Mercedes, Audi it is selling best of all – in 2017, 143,699 cars were sold. The new generation of the model should strengthen the position of the brand. BMW 5 Series sold 120 320 cars. And the most modest position is still at Mercedes, but the growth rates are impressive: the output of the new E-class with an insert behind the back door, like that of Maybach, allowed doubling sales to 113,431 cars in 2017.

The FAW-Volkswagen joint venture launched production of the Audi A6L sedan at a factory in Changchun.