Audi launched an advertisement for the new AL: Trail Quattro

Audi launched an advertisement for the new AL: Trail Quattro

September 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker in a new video demonstrated the features of the new SUV.

Recall that at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened in mid-September, our journalists managed to get acquainted with the Audi AL: Trail conceptual SUV. According to the automaker, the model will join the ranks of previously presented Audi electric concept cars: Aicon sedan, Grand Tourrer PB18 and AI: ME hatchback.

The most interesting feature of the model, in our opinion, were drones that replaced the headlights. But it is one thing to hear, and another to see. And the Germans perfectly demonstrate them in action in their new video.

The four-seater electric car Audi AI: TRAIL quattro combines innovative autopilot technology with superior off-road capabilities. A large glazing area, to the very bottom of the car, guarantees excellent visibility. The large capacity battery provides an impressive range even away from the network of charging stations.

 “This is not the test of a new rover and the alien ship not forgotten on Earth. This is a concept car that opens up endless horizons for exploring nature. The large glass area of ​​the Audi AI: TRAIL provides a wide all-round visibility and allows you to enjoy the scenery without leaving the spacious four-seater cabin, ”the video says.

Equipped with four engines with a total power of 320 kW, the all-electric SUV is equipped with a 4-level autopilot for driving on highways and a system of intelligent assistants for safe and comfortable off-road driving. And five powerless drones with electric drive and built-in blocks of LED elements completely replace the headlights and illuminate the path of AI: TRAIL.