Audi is going to create an electrified version of the TT and R8

Audi is going to create an electrified version of the TT and R8

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In connection with the general reduction in the number of sports cars in recent years, Audi has already seriously intended to abandon its iconic TT and R8 models. But still the leadership of the brand has found a way out of the situation.

At the annual general meeting of the German automaker, plans were announced for the release of new models for 2019. Hans-Joachim Rotenpiler, a member of the board of directors of the company for technical development, briefly spoke about the future of sports models TT and R8. He admitted that some people in the company want to abandon TT at all, but Rotenpiler and others struggle to preserve it.

He further mentioned that he would try to convince high-ranking officials “not to chop off the shoulder” and leave the TT in production, but in electrified form.

 He will do the same for the R8 supercar. Despite the fact that it is certainly nice to hear, CEO Bram Schoth warned that the two models should be profitable if they want to stay in the company’s lineup, adding that it only makes sense to keep them if they generate enough sales.

Audi recently updated the TT and R8 models, which means you can still buy these cars for several years. What will happen after this? Even Audi itself does not know about this, but we still hope that our favorite models will remain on sale for many years, even if electrified. By the way, if they “turn green”, they will join the E-Tron GT, in order to better compete with the new Tesla Model S, which is due to appear in 2021.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Audi will introduce nine S models and four R / RSs in 2019.