Audi is going to abandon the screens in the cabin of their models

Audi is going to abandon the screens in the cabin of their models

July 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to representatives of the German brand, soon, there will be no infotainment systems and dashboard screens in the cabin, they will be replaced by projection displays, and all control will be carried out using voice.

It was not so long ago, when cars were deprived of digital screens, which are now installed as a dashboard and infotainment system. Now, many automakers everywhere replace standard buttons with touch counterparts. Life (and technology) was then easier – get in the car, close the door and drive was enough. Well, maybe some music from a single DIN stereo, which is considered luxurious if it has a CD player, especially if you have a multi-disc changer.

   But everything is changing rapidly, and in the case of entertainment systems in the cabin, we have moved from the prehistoric to the advanced type within two decades. Well, most cars have a huge screen that replaces the dashboard. Although we are by no means complaining about this technological advancement, Audi seems planning to take a step further in the direction of the future.

 Audi chief designer Mark Lichte said that the future of the screens in the cabin is already predetermined – the number of digital displays in 10 years will be less. On the other hand, Lichte used the word “possible” to add a sense of uncertainty to his prediction.

  However, according to Likhte, some screens will still take place in the cabin – they will be needed for indication, and they will be of projection type. Lichte also added that voice control will be the key to the future with fewer displays.

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