Audi is developing a new luxury electric coupe

Audi is developing a new luxury electric coupe

October 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first Audi model built on the new platform Premium Platform Electric (PPE), developed in conjunction with Porsche, will be a small four-door coupe.

The new model, first introduced in March, appeared on the official images released by a German company showing the development strategy for electric vehicles, which includes the launch of 20 new environmentally friendly models on four different platforms by 2025.

The PPE platform is designed for full-size Audi and Porsche models – both traditional cars and SUVs – and can be adapted for models of different lengths and gauges. It is equipped with an 800-volt system that can charge up to 350 kW from the mains and can accept batteries of various sizes – with a declared range of more than 500 km.

The platform is equipped as standard with a rear engine with the ability to add a second electric motor to the front axle, providing all-wheel drive. The architecture can also use systems such as torque control and control of all wheels that are not represented on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, for which Audi is also developing models.

Audi has not provided details about the performance of the new PPE platform, but says that it is “generally similar to MEB.”

The new four-door coupe, unveiled by the automaker, is about the size of an Audi A4, with a design similar to the swift A7 Sportback, and a grille and bumpers that echo the E-tron GT. The model is still in the early stages of design, and that it “may be the most important machine on this platform”, as it will help show the direction in which future models will move.

The company said that PPE platform cars will begin production at the beginning of the next decade, and the Sportback model will be a model of architecture that was designed to cover a wide range of “from middle to luxury”. It will be used as the basis for crossovers, SUVs, Sportback models and station wagons. This suggests that it will ultimately be used for higher-level electrified models such as the A6 Avant, A7 Sportback, A8, Q7 and Q8.

Cars built on three other EV platforms will join the PPE models. The already launched E-tron uses a modified version of the MLB Evo platform. The E-tron Sportback will be available soon, and Audi has hinted that the third option may follow, although it remains unclear in which body.

The upcoming E-tron GT will be a sister car to the Porsche Taycan, using the J1 architecture for high-performance models.

Audi will also be developing high-volume models on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, which VW, Seat and Skoda also use. Audi’s first new product on the MEB, due in 2020, will be the electric crossover Q4 E-tron.