Audi introduced the concept of electric SUV AI: TRAIL

Audi introduced the concept of electric SUV AI: TRAIL

September 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric Audi AI: The TRAIL quattro is the fourth AI concept that shows what future Audi SUVs might look like.

Audi has created another concept car that allows you to watch the stars, which was supposed to be placed next to the previously presented AICON, PB 18 (now called AI: RACE) and AI: ME, in a fantastic garage of the future brand.

Frankfurt’s debut AI: TRAIL quattro, like the other three cars, was designed for special use: it is clear that this is an Audi future-oriented SUV. With a length of 4 015 mm, it is shorter than Q2, but wider and higher than the compact Audi crossover and has a much larger interior space.

It uses a combination of parts from two Volkswagen Group platforms – MEB and PPE – with an electric motor that drives each wheel and a battery mounted under the floor. Power is 429 hp with a torque of 1000 Nm. The maximum range is 310 miles on the road and 155 miles on rough terrain, and the maximum speed in electronic mode is limited to 81 miles per hour.

AI: TRAIL is made from a mixture of high strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, and weighs 1,750 kg. According to Audi chief designer Mark Lichte, this is the fourth and last member of the AI ​​line, designed exclusively for exhibition stands.

 “A few years ago, we were thinking about what the future Audi portfolio might look like. Some people may want to buy a car like that, but others just want access. They need the perfect car for every use case. If you can order your car for a specific use case, this will change the design of our cars. This is what we think the future Audi SUV can look without compromise, ”said Lichte.

The lack of compromise in design can be seen in the AI ​​monobox: TRAIL and 22-inch wheels fitted with a huge 33.5-inch off-road rubber. Tires also have air pressure control sensors, which automatically changes the amount of air in the tire in accordance with the requirements of the road or off-road surface.

It also has virtually no front or rear overhangs, while a large saloon is not just a design feature resembling the AI: ME hatchback, but it also provides excellent visibility from all sides.

Like other cars in the Audi lineup, the AI: TRAIL concept has been developed with fully autonomous driving technology. It demonstrates a future SUV with a fourth-level autonomous driving system, but the steering wheel and pedal set remain in place.

Inside, there are convenient off-road appliances such as removable flashlights, binoculars and first aid kits. Two rear seats are also removable hammocks. A large storage space is located front and rear, and at the rear of the trunk there is another compartment for dirty equipment and boots.

The concept has no ordinary headlights. Instead, five unmanned electric drones equipped with matrix LED elements sit on the roof rack and can be used as trackers. Elsewhere on the tailgate, a new Audi badge appears, contrasting with the traditional four rings on the nose and wheel hubs.