Audi has suspended the release of electric vehicles e-tron

Audi has suspended the release of electric vehicles e-tron

February 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German corporation will have to stop the production of the e-tron electric car for a couple of days at an enterprise in the Belgian city of Brussels. The suspension is due to supply problems.

According to the agency Handelsblatt, before Audi had already faced some problems with suppliers of components for e-tron, not only giving the opportunity to increase the production capacity of the plant in Brussels, but also limiting the release of the electric model. They have not yet been resolved, they are, on the contrary, aggravated, because now the volume of electric car production at a Belgian enterprise has decreased from 20 copies per hour to zero.

  In turn, the German company, on the contrary, hoped to increase the plant’s capacity to 24 crosses per hour.

Audi confirmed that there were problems, but did not disclose its causes. Surely, this is due to the lack of lithium-ion batteries delivered to Brussels from the LG Chem company located in Poland. The release of the e-tron electric crossover, as noted in the corporation, was suspended for a couple of days.

In addition, earlier the German automaker Audi revealed the characteristics of the debut “charged” electric car.