Audi has shown an unusual concept AI: ME with a roof garden

Audi has shown an unusual concept AI: ME with a roof garden

May 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Audi presented its vision of a “green” car of the future. With a lively flowerbed on the roof, Citicard made his debut at the Shanghai Auto Show as a concept.

Audi surprised visitors to the Shanghai motor show with an unusual concept car called AI: ME. The car was remembered for a long time by the participants of the car dealership not with its futuristic appearance, not the fourth level autopilot or technical characteristics. The main “highlight” of the concept was a real garden, located on its roof. To grow a whole “flowerbed” in the car, the developers had to create a special shed for climbers.

Such a bold architectural decision was presented to the public for the first time. With the help of living plants, as conceived by the authors of the idea, the air quality in the cabin should be improved. Another function of such a garden is a natural barrier that prevents external odors from getting inside the car. The interior of the AI: ME, by the way, was decorated using high quality materials.

Also, a new concept from Audi was equipped with special LED indicators – they are needed so that the car can “communicate” with other road users. Opposite the windshield is an OLED monitor. Power plant AI: ME reaches 168 hp Whether the concept will become a serial model is not known.