Audi GT shown on renderings in the image of the stunning Grand Tourer

Audi GT shown on renderings in the image of the stunning Grand Tourer

June 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The author of the rendered images was Jordan Gendler. The designer was looking for inspiration in different models, among them – a conceptual supercar with a retro-futuristic appearance Audi Rosemeyer.

Foreign portal publishes curious renderings of the Audi GT, created by designer Jordan Gendler. Working on this visualization, the artist turned to the original TT and Rosemeyer models. As a result, we faced a five-door car with an avant-garde design.

The back doors here were conceived as rear-loops: in English, the slang name “suicede doors” or “suicide doors” was assigned to them. The novelty also gets a spectacular roof line, protruding wheel arches, wide taillights and original wheels in the spirit of the Rosemeyer concept.

The artist himself says nothing about the possible power plant shown on the Audi GT renders. The most likely for such a model would be an electrical installation. At the same time, at the stern we see double tailpipes of the exhaust system – a hint that an ICE may be hidden under a long hood.

Jordan Gendler also introduced a racing car variant in his GT concept with a giant rear wing and massive diffuser. Auto gets a noticeable front splitter and a spectacular side profile, demonstrating the lack of rear doors. The front wheel arches get a flat top with inlets for better airflow, and these wheels are very different from the rear. If you are looking for a possible “brother” for rendering machines among Audi models, it is worth stopping at the E-Tron GT.

Meanwhile, the renderings of the successor to the Mitsubishi 3000GT hit the Net. The alleged novelty gets an expressive retro design with straight lines and curved surfaces.