Audi factory workers start testing exoskeletons

Audi factory workers start testing exoskeletons

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Special suits can not only increase labor efficiency, but also reduce fatigue. The experiment involved two types of exoskeletons that were involved in different production areas.

Audi is currently testing two types of exoskeleton special costume. Such a support system was created in order to help brand specialists more efficiently cope with production tasks. An innovative design is also able to protect muscles and joints from fatigue. The benefits of exoskeletons have been tested by some 60 Audi experts over the course of several weeks. They work in the assembly and paint shops, as well as in the main production in Ingolstadt.

 In practice, two types of exoskeletons are tested – Paexo from Ottobock and Skelex 360 from Skelex. Both devices are worn on the shoulders, like a regular backpack, and attached around the hips with a special belt. They are able to reduce the load on the shoulders without a motorized drive – only mechanically.

Audi already has experience with exoskeletons. The German automaker regularly tests various systems in its pilot projects.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover has created a new type of protective 3D gloves. They not only reliably protect against injuries, but also relieve muscle fatigue without causing discomfort throughout the working day.