Audi faces new Dieselgate fines

Audi faces new Dieselgate fines

September 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German Ministry of Transport has set a deadline for the automaker to upgrade its diesel engine software.

According to German media reports, the German Ministry of Transport has threatened to impose additional fines on Audi if the company fails to meet the deadlines for upgrading the new diesel engine models. Bild am Sonntag claims that it has uncovered documents indicating that the German Ministry of Transport has put forward an ultimatum to Audi, initially demanded in 2017, to rid diesel power plants of the so-called “cheater software”.

It is said to set out the conditions under which the German car brand could be fined, if not in time by September 26, for the modernization of EU6-certified V6 and V8 diesel units.

The upgrade measures are aimed at bringing various Audi models to the norm by adding program code that eliminates the manipulation associated with lowering emissions during testing.

It is reported that the carmaker from Ingolstadt must recall 12,400 cars during these times. Audi claims that it has an additional software solution for the remaining 4,200 cars. In addition, Bild am Sonntag reports that Audi is facing a potentially costly buyout of old Euro-4 diesel engines.