Audi employees help Porsche build Taycan

Audi employees help Porsche build Taycan

September 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For this purpose, Porsche will employ 400 Audi employees. The expansion of the staff was required due to the high demand for the car.

The electric car Porsche Taycan is in high demand, which is why the plant does not have time to assemble the required number of cars. To keep demand high, Porsche decided to hire 400 employees from another premium Audi brand to help with production. Recall that Porsche was initially optimistic about the electric version of the Taycan and was going to build 20,000 such cars in 2020.

However, the start of sales was so successful that now the figure by the end of the year can grow to 40,000 thousand units. Even the coronavirus epidemic could not prevent the growth in demand. Experts agree that the high level of sales of the Taycan is also due to the fact that today it is the world’s fastest electric car.

In 2021, Porsche is going to introduce the Taycan Cross Turismo station wagon, which will be able to surprise with its appearance and performance.

Meanwhile, Porsche spoke about the research process in the field of synthetic fuels. The company believes that this type of energy can become a worthy alternative to gasoline, until electric cars appeared on the roads in large quantities.