Audi electric car gave the owner a “glitch”, which no one expected

Audi electric car gave the owner a “glitch”, which no one expected

February 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The owner of the Audi e-tron received an unexpected notification from his electric car. His car required fluid replacement, which is simply not provided for in this type of car.

A German motorist, a big fan of electric cars Georg Konjovic, discovered this problem with an e-tron. On his Twitter, he posted a photo of the dashboard of an electric crossover Audi, which showed that after 3100 km the car must be brought in for maintenance and replaced .. engine (transmission) oil.

Everything would be fine, but this Audi, like other electric cars, has no internal combustion engine, and therefore it does not need to be replaced with this fluid. As such, there is oil in the EV, it is in the gearbox, but it is extremely rare to change it, and even then in the case of an emergency.

So what is the reason? The fact is that Audi e-tron inherited its dashboard from other models of the brand (gasoline and diesel), it had to undergo a complete adaptation, but the company’s programmers forgot to make the appropriate adjustments in the electric car software. Thus, the new electric car simply “became a victim” of a not completely verified production unification, which, by the way, has been characteristic of the entire automotive industry over the past years.

Audi itself has already responded to this problem, saying that it can be easily solved: for this, you just need to update the software on the service. At the same time, the “glitch” does not concern all machines, but only the starting batch – the one that was released in the first 6 weeks of production.

As for the Audi e-tron as such, it still needs it periodically. However, the entire service comes down to checking brake pads, batteries, suspension elements, tie rod ends, panoramic roof operation, wipers, as well as the condition of the paintwork.