Audi electric car asked to replace oil that it does not have

Audi electric car asked to replace oil that it does not have

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German cars have long been able to notify the owner of the need for maintenance. The on-board computer takes into account not only the mileage, but also the number of hours and other parameters.

However, sometimes even precision German technology fails. So, an electric crossover Audi E-Tron required an oil change. The catch is that the E-Tron does not have an internal combustion engine, and hence engine oil.

An electric vehicle expert Georg Konjovic wrote about an unexpected message on the dashboard on Twitter.

In fact, such a glitch is simply explained: the electronics of the E-Tron crossover, and with it the on-board computer software, are widely unified with other Audi models. The company’s programmers simply forgot to remove this warning from the electric car.

By the way, despite the lack of the need to change the oil, the Audi E-Tron still has a strict service interval of 15,000 km or one year. During maintenance, the service center must check the thickness of the brake pads, inspect the anthers of the CV joints, verify the integrity of the suspension elements and the ends of the steering rods. And once every 30,000 km or every two years, mechanics will inspect the cooling system of the high-voltage components of the electric vehicle, the panoramic roof, the condition of the paintwork and other elements.