Audi e-tron GT prototype spotted while charging

Audi e-tron GT prototype spotted while charging

January 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

One of the latest prototypes of the new Audi e-tron GT was spotted by photo spies near a charger on the German motorway network. Noticing the photographer, the crew from Ingolstadt quickly left the site.

Although the Audi e-tron GT has not yet been officially presented in the final production version, it cannot be said that we still have not seen this model, since apart from a few prototypes in light camouflage and patent images, the concept that promoted it to a large extent had its final configuration. So it is hardly worth waiting for surprises when the model is officially presented.

Despite this, the engineers and the rest of the test team of the German brand are working hard to prevent journalists from getting close and taking a closer look at the electric sedan prototypes under development, which continue to undergo road tests.

This time, the prototype was spotted in the recreation area of ​​the German highway network, on the famous Autobahn, at one point when the crew had to stop to recharge the prototype’s batteries. Specifically in this place is one of the charging stations of the IONITY network, of which the German corporation is an integral part. As soon as the test group noticed the photographer’s presence, its members tried by all means to prevent him from approaching the prototype and immediately left the site, presumably without even completing the charging cycle completely.

In addition to the design and even the possible price of the new Audi e-tron GT, we know a lot of technical details. This sports sedan uses the same J1 platform as the debuted Porsche Taycan. At the moment, it is known that the lineup will consist of versions with a twin-engine installation with all-wheel drive, which the brand refers to as quattro. The power ceiling will be almost 600 hp. for the RS e-tron GT version, which, like the Taycan, will have a “boost” function.

As for its batteries, they will be installed between the axles, like the Porsche model, and they are expected to have a capacity of over 90 kWh. The estimated net power is 83.7 kWh, with which the Audi e-tron GT can travel 450 kilometers on a single charge.