Audi doubled the number of charging stations for e-tron models

Audi doubled the number of charging stations for e-tron models

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker has entered into an agreement with the Ionity charging station network, where brand customers can charge their cars at a great discount.

Audi offers its customers who have bought an e-tron family car to charge an electric car in 24 countries where branded charging stations are located. Audi’s patented charging card brings together more than 135,000 charging points operated by over 400 different international providers. Along the highway, Audi’s proprietary charging card allows customers to charge their cars at IONITY’s High Power Charging terminals at special rates. There, the client will pay only for the amount of energy actually consumed.

The price of 31 cents per 1 kW / h corresponds to the average level of costs for the charging process in a private house. At the same time, energy comes from renewable sources, which is a key component of sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Additional high-power charging points (HPC), which are managed by other providers, complement the e-tron long-distance charging service.

To meet individual payment needs, the e-tron charging service offers two different rates. The city tariff is intended mainly for residents of megacities and is provided for a base fee of 4.95 euros per month. Then, for each charging process, customers pay 7.95 euros for charging with alternating current (up to 22 kW) and 9.95 euros for charging from a DC station (up to 150 kW), regardless of the duration of charging and the amount of energy consumed.

For drivers who regularly travel long distances, Audi recommends a transit fare. It costs 17.95 euros per month, although the owners of the new Audi e-tron are provided with an annual free subscription. At a cost of 31 cents per 1 kW / h, customers benefit not only from the good location of Ionity stations, but, above all, from a higher charging capacity and shorter duration. There, the Audi e-tron charges up to 150 kW and is therefore ready for the next stage of its long journey in about half an hour.

Customers can also charge their cars outside of Germany in 24 European countries. Audi car owners will always pay the standard price in any country in which they are located, and at no additional cost.