Audi curtailed work on a flying taxi

Audi curtailed work on a flying taxi

October 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German brand recognized the concept of a modular flying car as unpromising and eventually terminated its partnership with Airbus, which was called unprofitable.

Audi executives decided to suspend the development of the Pop.Up Next flying taxi, because they did not see any prospects for this project. The fact that the German automaker is dissatisfied with the partnership with Airbus and is going to abandon it, Automotive News writes. Recall, the debut of the concept of a flying taxi was shown back in 2017 at the motor show in Geneva. It was based on a double passenger capsule, to which, depending on the need, they attached either a drone or an autonomous platform on wheels.

The main feature of Pop.Up was to be its versatility: with it you can navigate not only on ordinary roads, but also through the air. The necessary modules, depending on the chosen route, are selected by the computer.

 However, after a year of working together with Airbus at Audi, they realized the complexity of this project and made a disappointing conclusion: to realize it at the present time is almost impossible. In general, the brand planned to raise the full-size prototype Pop.Up Next into the air by the end of this year.

In order for the development to “shoot”, this format of a flying taxi should be postponed for several years. At this time, you can start working on simpler and more efficient (including in terms of economy) air transportation formats in the city.