Audi continues to test prototype all-electric E-Tron GT

Audi continues to test prototype all-electric E-Tron GT

June 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The camouflaged prototype of the German news was spotted by Western journalists. The car looks like it is almost ready for presentation.

The last time we saw the test Audi E-Tron GT, he drove around the Porsche training ground. This time, the prototype of the all-electric Audi novelty was tested near Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt (Germany). It is worth noting that, compared with the last time, camouflage on the back of a car practically has not changed.

Even without the Porsche Taycan rims (which we saw on the other E-Tron prototype), the E-Tron has Taycan features. And there is nothing surprising, because both companies belong to the German concern Volkswagen AG.,

According to rumors, the electric car from Audi will not differ much from its conceptual weight, presented back in 2018. The roof, perhaps, will be slightly higher, which should lead to an increase in passenger space compared to the smooth form of the concept.

There is no doubt that the upcoming Audi E-Tron GT will be very different from the Porsche Taycan sedan chassis.

Audi still has not disclosed technical details about its nvoinka. However, we suspect that the machine will receive two electric motors as in the previously shown concept. In the case of the latter, the total power was 582 horsepower, although a serial car this indicator will be less to be less competitive with the Taycan in the powerful version of Turbo. The standard Taycan develops 522 hp. from combined engines, so it’s logical to see the E-Tron GT with about the same performance and with a starting price below $ 100,000.

We are also unaware of when the Audi E-Tron GT will be presented. The blame for the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, we are confident that the debut will take place before the end of the year.