Audi continues tests of the new S6 Avant

Audi continues tests of the new S6 Avant

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This is not the first time we have seen a test prototype of the German novelty – the next generation of the “charged” station wagon Audi S6 Avant. Presentation S6 Sedan and Avant can be expected in the coming months or even weeks. Well, the more “hot” RS6 Avant will be shown later – a prototype of this car was also seen by reporters.

It’s easy to explain why for some people the Audi S6 Avant is the most desirable car – it’s a luxurious, practical, spacious station wagon, which is also equipped with a very powerful engine. There is no doubt that the new generation of this car will be presented very soon, and for now, we offer your attention the next portion of the so-called spy photos.

The prototype has received a greater number of those details that will be on the serial version of the model.

These pictures were published about 2 weeks after the charged S6 Sedan caught in the camera lenses – the car was also without disguise. There is nothing surprising in that both models will receive the same front bumper, as well as quadrangular exhaust pipes, which are built into the sports diffuser. Also, there can be no doubt that both charged S6 will, by and large, have the same interiors and similar motors.

By the way, at the expense of the engine so far, not everything is so obvious – according to insiders, under the hood can be installed 2.9-liter V6 with 2 turbochargers. It is expected that the S6 Sedan / S6 Avant will receive the same 6-cylinder engine with the latest versions of the RS4 Avant and RS5 Coupe / Sportback. In these cars, the V6 develops 450 horsepower, but we are confident that Audi engineers will increase this power. There are also rumors that a new generation of the charged S6 will receive a diesel engine.

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